I am a very driven and goal oriented person but recently I had hit a point in my life where I started to feel stagnant until I met Coach Phoenix. After my first session I felt back on track and ready to conquer my goals again! Coach Phoenix was very intuitive and I was able to discover deeper roots in my beliefs, which unlocked the door in my life that took me to the next level. I am very excited about the direction I’m headed in with the increase of my awareness and how to approach different life circumstances. I am thankful for Coach Phoenix and his careful attention to detail. During our sessions his focus was on my strengths not my weaknesses, which allowed me to gain the self confidence I needed to push thru barriers that once made me feel stagnant. I highly recommend Coach Phoenix for anyone who is looking for a new transition in life! Thank you Coach Phoenix!

Registered Nurse, Columbus,OH
Kristal B.

I have always been skeptical about sharing my insecurities with a stranger, allowing a stranger to tell me what I’ve done wrong and giving them the right to tell me how to improve my life. My first session with Coach Phoenix was nothing like I initially thought. When I finally gave in to my fears a contacted coach Phoenix I was at the end of my rope. My whole life had been turned upside down. The priorities and goals I set for my life and my family over the last 40 years changed in 1 split second. At that point you could imagine I had no idea what my purpose and passion for life was any longer. During my first session we talked thought my passion, I have always been under the impression that your passion should fit into your current situation. During my first session with Phoenix we discussed what my real passion was. That passion we discovered in that first session, has allowed me to get back on track as one of the fastest growing agencies in the area, while cultivating a stronger relationship with my family, team members and peers.

Vernon Donovan-State Farm Insurance Agent, Savannah, GA
Vernon D.

Coach Phoenix helped me realize my skillset had value and translated to the civilian sector. He helped me navigate across several industries and Fortune 500 organizations. My success to this point can be attributed to his involvement throughout my journey.

General Manager @Amazon, Richmond, VA
Joshua I.

Coach Phoenix has a gift for helping individuals realize their potential. As a client of Coach Phoenix, I’m extremely excited to see what the future will hold. After my few sessions with Coach Phoenix I began to manifest things into existence checking off short term goals in achievement of some long term goals. I was able to identify some personality traits that I never knew existed. The goal of focusing on strengths and not weaknesses was heavily discussed! It’s a Mindset.
I highly recommend Coach Phoenix if you’re looking for transparency from a unbiased and nonjudgmental place. Keep up the great work Coach Phoenix! The world needs you!

Founder of Let’s Motivate, Columbus, OH
Armoni H.

I often viewed myself as an optimistic person always looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. I have also referred to myself as resilient and hard working. However, at some point I found myself in a career in which I was no longer reaching what I referred to as my full potential. In addition, a bigger issue was that I felt lost in terms of what career path would help me feel the level of fulfillment but I long. I thought it would be wise to have a life coach come in and speak with a group of students that I work with through Common Point Queens teaching youth advocacy. Not only was the experience beneficial to the students but I found that it was very beneficial to me as well. In concluding the session, I no longer felt conflicted in regards to the next phase of my career. I gained a sense of direction through the tools provided in the life coach session. I learn to focus on the things that bring me joy. Coach Phoenix encouraged me to take a moment and focus on my skills and my strengths. Taking time to gain perspective, I realize I did not want to completely change careers. However, I needed to shift my focus in an area that would allow me to reach my full potential, that with all of the skills and experience that I had acquired through my career education that I should transition into education reform. I not only recommend coach Phoenix as a motivational speaker for youth and adolescents, I also recommend him as a life coach to anyone who finds themselves in a lost place.

Youth Advocacy facilitator @ Common Point Queens, NYC, NY
Star J

I had 3 sessions with Coach Phoenix. During the first session, I didn’t know how much a life coach could help me with my challenging life goals. However, I found that he helped me understand all my options by narrowing in on my strengths and core values to help me better understand myself. Coach Phoenix also helped me discover a different perspective about myself that I had not realized prior to our sessions, in which could help me conquer some of my trepidations I’ve had when undertaking my on life goals. Throughout our sessions, I found Coach Phoenix to be very focused, reflective, practical, down to earth, approachable and supportive.” I highly recommend Coach Phoenix as a life and career transition coach.

Electrical Engineer, Columbus, OH
George R

Coaches need coaches. For me, as a coach, I appreciate the approach that Coach Phoenix from RoadModel Life Coaching uses. I know coming into each session I will receive high value and be extremely satisfied with the outcome. His coaching makes it easy to openly discuss anything private or work-related without being judged. I leave each session ready to move to action. Coach Phoenix is real with you , completely absorbed, giving you 100% of his attention. He listens and understands you. During our session, I feel fully supported, like I can do anything!

Certified Life Coach, Pennington, NJ
Toni L

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