I often viewed myself as

I often viewed myself as an optimistic person always looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. I have also referred to myself as resilient and hard working. However, at some point I found myself in a career in which I was no longer reaching what I referred to as my full potential. In addition, a bigger issue was that I felt lost in terms of what career path would help me feel the level of fulfillment but I long. I thought it would be wise to have a life coach come in and speak with a group of students that I work with through Common Point Queens teaching youth advocacy. Not only was the experience beneficial to the students but I found that it was very beneficial to me as well. In concluding the session, I no longer felt conflicted in regards to the next phase of my career. I gained a sense of direction through the tools provided in the life coach session. I learn to focus on the things that bring me joy. Coach Phoenix encouraged me to take a moment and focus on my skills and my strengths. Taking time to gain perspective, I realize I did not want to completely change careers. However, I needed to shift my focus in an area that would allow me to reach my full potential, that with all of the skills and experience that I had acquired through my career education that I should transition into education reform. I not only recommend coach Phoenix as a motivational speaker for youth and adolescents, I also recommend him as a life coach to anyone who finds themselves in a lost place.


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