I have always been skeptical

I have always been skeptical about sharing my insecurities with a stranger, allowing a stranger to tell me what I’ve done wrong and giving them the right to tell me how to improve my life. My first session with Coach Phoenix was nothing like I initially thought. When I finally gave in to my fears a contacted coach Phoenix I was at the end of my rope. My whole life had been turned upside down. The priorities and goals I set for my life and my family over the last 40 years changed in 1 split second. At that point you could imagine I had no idea what my purpose and passion for life was any longer. During my first session we talked thought my passion, I have always been under the impression that your passion should fit into your current situation. During my first session with Phoenix we discussed what my real passion was. That passion we discovered in that first session, has allowed me to get back on track as one of the fastest growing agencies in the area, while cultivating a stronger relationship with my family, team members and peers.


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