Coach Phoenix

At RoadModel Life Coaching LLC. Owner and CEO, Coach Phoenix serves as YOUR certified Life Coach. He uses his experiences to inspire individuals from various walks of life. He encourages his clients to use their failures and move beyond their roadblocks and obstacles to reach a place of sustainable happiness. He has developed the mindset “Be Happy Over Everything” (BE HOE). Road Model Life Coaching was founded to empower others to navigate the road of life towards their Model Self.

Coach Phoenix grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He is a former gangbanger, high school dropout, teenage runaway, and parent at the age of seventeen. He has experienced the juvenile justice system, tours of combat, and divorce.

Coach Phoenix joined the army in 2001 and served two combat tours. He rose through the ranks from enlisted soldier to Commissioned Officer. Following his service in the army, he moved into senior positions and consultant roles with Fortune 500 companies.

Coach Phoenix received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Virginia State University, a master’s degree in Management & Leadership from Webster University and a master’s degree in Life Coaching from Liberty University.

Coach Phoenix has been blessed to fulfill dream opportunities, including completing his Culinary Arts certificate and was an intern as a Division One football coach at Georgetown University. Coach Phoenix’s favorite way to enjoy life is crossing off his bucket list with his friends and family.

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