Transitioning Into The Ideal Marriage.

“We experienced the REST, so we can be great for the BEST”! 

Coach Phoenix
  • How do we leverage our strengths as a couple?
  • How do we keep up the excitement and intimacy forever?
  • What’s the key to keeping us together forever? 

Are you ready for the Model marriage? Do you know the path to getting there? 

Transition into an ideal marriage

At RoadModel we take a innovative approach to Premarital and Marital coaching. Our approach is proactive. We like to enhance and develop couples in the early stages of the marriage process. Some call this the honeymoon phase. We understand that 87% of the population plan to get married and 82% plan for that marriage to last forever. Married couples are 31% less likely to divorce with premarital counseling, coaching and intervention. Coach Phoenix partners with couples to increase satisfaction and enjoyment of each other , optimize their strengths,  and provide them with tools and resources to lead into deep sustainable conversations and communication.

Are you considering engagement, currently engaged or a newlywed? Ready to have that ideal marriage? Allow us to help make that happen with our Model Marriage services: 

Here are some ways we can help :
  • SYMBIS Assessments : Christian based tool; Starting your marriage before it starts assessment.
  • DISC Assessment-  Human Behavior based Personality test. Personality types are  D- Dominate, Direct, Decisive, Demanding; I- Inspiring, Influencing, Inducing, Impressive; S- Steady, Submissive, Sensitive, Shy , C- Complex, Cautious, Correct, Competent
  • Road Map to Model Self- Detailed 5 and/or 10 year plan
  • Strength Assessment – Understanding your strengths to obtain an Ideal Marriage

Are you ready to be that Model Couple?


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