Transition from Military to the Civilian World

“Transitioning into the civilian world can be both exciting and overwhelming. But guess what? “NO ONE IS DYING, this is not the worst thing you have experienced in your life.” Remember that and you will do great!“

Coach Phoenix
  • Lack Of Representation in the civilian sector
  • Limited Knowledge of opportunities, resources, and programs for VETS
  • Limited Planning and Guidance while you are active and after discharge

Reasons Transitioning to Civilian Life Can Be Difficult

Transition Into a Civilian …

RoadModel is an veteran owned business. Good news for active duty, retirees, national guard, reserves, spouse and family members, you are in great hands and now have a fellow Veteran to partner with you as you transition into the civilian world where people do not get and understand us.

Coach Phoenix is a two tour combat veteran that worked his way from E-1 to a junior grade officer. Coach Phoenix understands the transition into civilian world. He has done it twice. Once as an enlisted soldier to finish school, and then as an Officer to the corporate world. Allow Coach Phoenix to partner with you. He will guide you and your family through this important time in your life, making this transition a smooth and enlightening one!

How we can help:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Agility
  • Transitioning Leadership Style and Approach
  • Balancing work & relationships
  • Financial Literacy
  • Children Transitions
  • Spouse Transition
  • Couples Coaching
  • Road Map to Model Self – Detailed 5 and 10 year plan
  • DISC Assessment – Understanding who you are
  • Strength Assessment – Understanding your strengths
  • Staying in vs Getting out; Retiring vs staying in
  • Career coaching
  • Mindset Transition

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